Kit Assembling

CWBem develops in depth and personalized studies to every company’s kits. The focus of the separation of kit’s products  is…

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Decharacterization of Products

CWBem’s professional team develops projects concerned with the correct destination of products that cannot be commercialized- by applying tracking processes….

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Logistic Support

CWBem’s structure is ready to develop projects by applying an adequate workforce, adjusting and redesigning processes in the area. These…


CWBem is specialized in special projects in BackOffice, that involves all contact with customers, commercial areas orienting, documentation sorting and…

Stock Logistics and Operations

CWBem develops special projects aimed at the displacement of products and orders as well as their loading. In order to…



About CWBem

CWBem creates management solutions to your business! We are equipped to develop personalized projects that seek to optimize reverse logistics problems among other possible adjustments to make your company increase its productivity.

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