About us CWBem

Founded in 2011, CWBem first came up with a distinct proposition to cater projects in need of specialized teams, regardless of the size and complexity of a company.

CWBem creates management solutions to your business! We are equipped to develop personalized projects that seek to optimize reverse logistics problems among other possible adjustments to make your company increase its productivity.

CWBem counts on a highly qualified team assembled by experienced managers and supervisors in the area, as well as an exclusive management model. This combination eases the creation of a motivational environment inside projects, which narrows relationships and allows the bonding between workers and your business.

There is no secret. While you take care of your business, CWBem takes care of the operation and management of special projects that improve your company’s results.

CWBem creates management solutions to your business! Personalized projects, reverse logistics solutions and improvement in operations resulting in large scale gains are some examples of our goals and achievements.


To provide specialized support services to organizations resulting in general well-being with higher productivity and better results overall.


To be recognized among the ten best suppliers of this service in the regions it encompasses.


Respect, focus on the client, creativity, transparency, innovation and dynamism.

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